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Originally Posted by M3V8Driver View Post
There's no shame in using MDM, and in fact, the most advanced racing series have allowed it for years (ala F1, for example). I think whether or not MDM helps or hinders lap times depends on the track. I'm a pretty accomplished driver and racer, yet I could not turn faster laps at a short track without it, and this is my home track (BeaveRun - have had several lap records). However, at a wide-open track (VIR), I have turned faster laps without it. I hope some of you aren't confusing MDM with DSC, because there is a world of difference between them. With me, MDM has never interfered obtrusively, in fact, sometimes I forget if it's on or off. Maybe I'm just that smooth Now DSC, well, there's no question when it's doing its job.
I'm confused by the statement in the above post as my DSC has 3 setting...
1. Off
2. On
3. M Dynamic Mode
To me this means MDM mode is in fact a direct function of DSC. When driving in MDM the DSC is active but less intrusive than if DSC was selected in position 2, i.e. 100% on.

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