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Plead Not Guilty - Reply by mail

1st - they don't offer education schools for first timer offense. That's a California thing ( I used to live there). There are two good options.

1) Plead Guilty but with cause. You will have to plead your case to a Mediator at the courthouse. Takes 30 minutes out of your day and it's worth it for first timers. They will reduce your fine to like $100.00. What happens since this if your first ticket - they will say it will not go on your record if you don't get another speeding ticket for 1 year. If you end up getting a ticket for in that year - they will charge you the full fine and apply it to your record. If you don't get a ticket for in that year - it will be dropped. The kicker is you can only elect this option once every 7 years. So go with this option and don't get caught again in within a year.

2) Plead Not Guilty. Plead not guilty and they will give you an option to either come into court to plead your case or write them by mail. If you choose this option you want to write them by mail. They will mail you the form to fill out when you plead not guilty - you don't have to request this form, it's just an option. Officers get paid to appear in court - so most of the time they will show up. But if you write a letter and say you think their radar was wrong or any other good excuse - they themselves have to contest it. I just did this - this past month and I had my charges dropped because they could not find the files to my case? Crazy - but it happens. Worst case scenario is that you lose and have to then pay the $190.00? So why not give it a shot if - does not hurt to try.

In summary - I would go with option #1 since this is your first time. Option 2 is if you have had a ticket before on your record.

Good luck - hope this helps... If you need more help let me know.