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Originally Posted by Azorean View Post
Yeah, saw that too. This dealer just took the car in on trade for a 2011 M3 this week and my buddy that works there called me about it. It's Melbourne Red with the CF roof and there isn't a single scratch or spec wrong with this car. It was traded in for 50K (plus the guy got his gst credit towards the 2011 M3) and I offered 54 which they surprisingly accepted because apparently they've been having a slow month. They didn't even have a chance to advertize it because I snapped it up and put a deposit on it knowing there was some inside buzz about this car with the staff there already. They were going to ask $66,900. I grabbed it for the 54 but not CPO because that would add a couple of grand and the car still has 2 years left anyways. I finalize things tomorrow.
If you got that good of a deal (and I think you did) I'd pay the extra $2k and have the dealer CPO the car.

You'd be $56 k in to it and have 6 yr/160 kms. Check the in service date to see when the warranty is up. If it was originally an early '08 purchase your warranty could be up in 18 months or less, if you plan to keep the car beyond that, consider the CPO option - it will seem like the best $2k you ever spent

I think you did quite well regardless - congrats

where are our pics btw ?