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First of all, I made the RS5 weigh even more than it did. Actually, it's 1,816 kg or 4,004 lbs. Sorry for that!

Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post
Fair enough, mate! Perhaps you will be able to post the link once this magazin issue is past. For now they just mention the cover story:

"BMW M3 Coupé und Audi RS5: Zwei sportliche V8-Coupés mit über 400 PS im Duell."

ie, BMW M3 & RS 5: two sporty V8 coupes with over 400 hp in a duel.

-- V
Sure, they'll probably have that story online in some weeks.

Originally Posted by bobbyd1961 View Post
wow south you are a real audi supporter do you drive a bmw ?
Not so fast. I first wrote "It's not so much a surprise that the M3 beat the RS5 in all performance categories". It was only a matter of time until someone pointed out that the RS5 actually was better in one category, so my statement of the M3 beating the RS5 in all performance categories was wrong. I accept your apology.

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