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Originally Posted by v35 View Post
They look like the GT3 reps found here:

They don't look like my OEM euro GT3 seats as his cushions are different, missing the stamped Porsche logo on the headrest that all authentic seats have and other really minor differences. Regardless the reps still look good and so does the car!
About my Porsche 997 GT3 seats.

I know there are many replicas out there. But for the safe I would never put something in my car that not are tested and approved.
My seats come from an Porsche GT3. Bought them here in Sweden. The car they did come from should only drive on racetrack. And this seat was not approved for the race track in that series here in Sweden.

I have seen the replicas also but you can see the difference in the reality.

About the top of the cushions. You can buy the aftermarket part on this. In aluminum or carbon if you want.

The replicas do not have the Porsche emblem below or the part number either. All genuine seats do not have the porsche emblem on the neck.