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Originally Posted by PM3 View Post
if ur a poser sure...who would buy a sports car thats inferior to one thats also cheaper??? I had the pleasure of driving this M3 and its brilliant...could be lighter but still brilliant.

Whats the point of buying a sports car for its looks??? u must not have very good roads around where u are...cause if you had some of the ones i have you would never buy something that weights as much as the rs5 does, especially with most of the weight in the front axle...i can only imagine how that feels going into corners...audis are for wankers. They can pretend they are a "sports" orientated car maker but those who really enjoy driving know where to go to when they need something good. (except the R8 but thats a lambo with audi badge anyway)
He's not a poser. People buy sports cars for speed, handling and looks. I challenge you to take either of these cars to their limit... for anyone who likes a sport car and doesn't track it, owning either won't make a big difference. It will be mostly based on looks and feel.
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