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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
Hey swamp, you don't have to justify your position to any of these guys. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who cares what the Joes on this forum think. You gotta call it as you see it, period.

As for me I am already on record as loving everything about the car (including the front bumper) except for that freekin powerdome on the hood.
Cheers. I am with you on the hood as well. I like the powerdome concept, it is just a bit over the top in size. What is helping me get over the somewhat garish side view of the powerdome is the frontal and top/frontal views of the car. Here the 3D nature of the pd seems to follow the hood lines better and it definitely blends better with the cars lines. Hope this helps it grow on you because I think we are stuck with this size...