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Originally Posted by Lagger1 View Post
Yeah homie, thats what I meant by labels looked legit. And not fake ass crooked mexican printed labels legit

I always understood Cubans in the same box will vary in size, since all the good rollers fled to Dom. Rep & Nicuragua early on in search of a better life. They have better wages and working conditions over there in general. Therefore Cuba is left with the inferior rollers & kids who cant flee the country. So they typically utilize a bunch of kids to roll their smokes & the result are a bunch of imperfections that still get sold.

But I havent been there so I cant tell for certain
Absolutely wrong!! When you look at cuban cigars in a box, they are always exactly the same size. None of the cigars should be shorter or longer then the others, and there is never any stray leaves hanging out. They are always pristine looking. The wrappers are always very smooth, i.e. no veins or stems bulging. And when you smell them, it should smell like manure and NOT like the cedar box. The bands are always perfectly aligned on every cigar. And finally, there should be no discoloration on any of the cigars.