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Originally Posted by ksfrogman View Post
1. The hood bulge is a bit too big and the wrong shape? The sculpted lines of the E92 (and E90) show distinct edges, but that bulge is simply round and bulbous. Either go round or edgy, not both. I think the Vorsteiner hood bulge looks better. The lower portion of the rear bumper and side skirts have too much going on. Someone get me a file so I can smooth those sharp edges underneath. If a Cayman-S is sexy, curvaceous, elegant and easy on the eyes, this new E92 M3 concept takes you the opposite direction by increasing designy entropy.

I don't want to sound like I'm hating on the M3 concept car.

2. I love the CF top, and overal,l like the car. Yet, it seems like the designers got a little crazy with their design.

you're like me, the hood and the rear bumper sucks ass