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Originally Posted by david @ eas View Post
Have any of you guys gone from P90X to Insanity? How does it compare?
They are different. Insanity relies solely on your body weight whereas P90X incorporates weights as well. I believe completing P90X helped me with Insanity. I was able to complete all of the exercises and go for the entire duration of the workouts; however, Insanity is still difficult. It is more cardio, plyo, non-stop movement than P90X; however, you need the breaks in P90X because you are asked to lift weights as well as using your body.

Heck, P90X is still challenging. I finished Insanity on Sunday, and this week I started P90X+, the maintenance schedule because I will be traveling on business. Well, yesterday called for Upper Plus followed by Ab Ripper X. Ab Ripper X was still challenging even after having completed P90X and Insanity. Insanity has also helped me with doing P90X+.

My physique changed more with P90X than with Insanity; however, that might just be because I started P90X first.