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Sick I might make the rounds I got hooked. Maybe I'll see you
It's just redline is much easier to compete in than a wheel to wheel race is

I had to run in Drift due to the undertray problem, but you really shouldn't have removed it. It's flat and channels air under the car it works as simple Aero piece as well and channels air upwards and cools the engine. Its a vital piece to the car.

I will run mod class or drift class. No cats plus I'll have my Rcomps. Only other thing is I have to wear a race suit and my HANS device and have the fire extinguisher.

Considering myself and the other M3 would have taken 1st and 2nd in any class it was very sad we had to be in drift class.

but I'll be much more of a threat with the car properly set up for the next time.
I am assuming you were running the enthusiast class? Next time compare your times, you might not be as far off as you may think