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Thanks for everyone's very generous comments.

I can post some high res pictures later for wallpaper.

Green Hell - your M3 is drop dead gorgeous and I would love to compete with an SC as well. But putting an SC means that I will have to compete in Street Tire Class and the cars running in that class are significantly faster - very very competitive 135s and 335s running full aero and semi-pro drivers.. I think it will be tough to be competitive in that class to be honest but I am definitely weighing the option in perhaps next season.

If you are serious and want to be competitive in Redline Time Attack, you should get your clearance issue settled (Pain in the ASS - I had to remove my OEM under carriage cover to clear) and perhaps get some Aero on aftermarket trunk, balance it out with a lip. That would get some nice grip and high speed stability considering we are only allowed to run 285 rear tires - it's easy for you to light em up with 500+ WHP.

I won't be out in Sebring because I am based in the west coast for the summer but I will be down at Willow Springs for July 4th.