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Originally Posted by Alex1911 View Post
Mine did it w/o problems. FWIW: Shifts feel better than before the service.
Great news man. Hey, can you give us more details, please ? Which oil did you use? How much did you pour in? How many miles on your car and in what condition old oil came out? Did you clean the filter? Did you fill oil with the car lifted or on the ground? It has to be flat. I plan to only raise it from the front to drain it, install tube to fill it, then lower car to the ground, fill, when fluid starts coming out, lift car again and reinstall fill plug.

Originally Posted by johnnyace View Post
Turns out I didn't have the two qts of RP, so I ordered some Red Line. Will change it this weekend.
Keep us posted please. Which Redline oil did you order? I asked the main guy there, and surprisingly he suggested D4ATF, which I thought was crazy. He said it was closer to stock than MTL, but I'd probably use MTL myself. Just curious. Oh, and how many miles on your car?