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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
At least you are on the color point. What he said was that the cars that were used for the outdoor photo and video shoots were white. I double checked this as I was looking for evidence he was wrong as well. We will only know once we start to see video or print advertisements. I won't comment about the accuracy of what he said about the license plate, just too lazy to look right now.
See what Scott wrote:
"I deliberately said it would be white because I did not want trigger happy mobile phone photographers on my case , which given the leaks of the announcement that we are filming M3 at Dubai autodrome quite a lot of people turned up to get their first glance at the car which no doubt spread like wildfire when it was announced here? - welcome to the reason for creative marketing .

Although we were told: as our mission it was top priority to not let the car be seen until today and I think we accomplished that quite well. whether that happens with the production car later this month remains to be seen...."

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