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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
This is very important (and deserved its own thread IMO).

Some of the design features and perhaps some that are causing many of us to call a bit of "rice" like appearance on the car may be missing from the "base" E92 M3 or only present on the M3 CSL model. I would bet the following are reserved for CSL only: rims, tires, extra vent holes on hood (the ones near the power bulge), CF roof, CF interior trim. I think all the other design elements are 99% production.

In case you have not been keeping up and want my "proof" of this assertion see these two almost identical posts:

The CF roof will be on "standard" M3. What will be changed are imho the wheels and the steering wheel. So you're right about 99%.
I'm not sure about the vent holes on the hood. Although they look like a CSL feature....if you've ever seen a M3 prototype and that amount of warm air around the front end you come to believe that holes must be there...

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