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Holy jumping down my throat....

Look guys I am an ardent M3 owner and fan, although definitely not a fanboy! I am #4 on my dealers list to get this beast and if the official specs, mag. tests and my test drive go well I will be a proud owner of a car from the first US allocation! Perhaps some of you were not quite familiar with many of my posts in the past that have really supported and backed the car in the face of criticism. Let's not kill the messenger, just listen and disagree if we choose. That being said let me expand a bit on my "rice" comments.

Before doing so thanks mloyelo and M3 Defector for your "defense"!

I personally have wavered on the use of this term. For a while I thought it was even a bit racist. After reading much intelligent commentary (mostly by Asian enthusiasts!) I finally decided the term was not racist and can apply to any make, model, year, etc. Typically "rice" is done so poorly, but I contend rice can be done nicely with high quality, attention to detail and fine workmanship and still be "rice". My definition, which I think is shared by many includes enhancements, either factory or not that are supposed to look fast but do not make fast! Fairly simple. That being said I do not totally disagree with some of the other working definitions you other folks posted.

The power bulge may be needed (probably is) to house this fantastic V8, but does it have to be this large? Surely some "ricers" use hood bulges to hide non-existent turbos. The vents on the fenders and hood are probably totally functional, but aren't ricers known for over doing decorative louvers? The mirrors likely have some noise/flow functionality but aren't garish mirrors a common rice "enhancement"? The rear spoiler and diffuser absoutely have function, very important functions! But again you can read my mind on the next thought. Can anyone really argue that all of these features look totally native, integrated and well thought out on this car? I just can not do this right now. Maybe it will come to me, maybe not, and again I'm not saying these features stick out like a sore thumb, they could just be better integrated into the overall body and design (which is indeed stunning).

I hope this gives you all some further insights into my opinions and rationale on this car and on my choice of the term "rice".

Last but not least - don't forget - I am by far not the only person saying things along this line. Cheers.