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Originally Posted by Lagger1 View Post
why not?!? I do all the time (well not that real skinny shit I think you're talking about). The minitaures are more convienent about 90% of the time when you dont have an hour & a half to burn having a stogie. Besides, CAO's little cameroons & maduros are not bad. Padron's always gonna be best bang for the buck. Patel's killing it with his line ups right now and I like La Flor Dominicana after it opened back up & Camacho.
I'm 6'3" @ ~255lbs, and built like a brick shit-house..... they look a bit "diminuative" when I smoke them.

Also, I only smoke cigars when I have the time to enjoy them completely. Outdoor party/golfing, etc. If I needed/wanted to smoke more frequently maybe my story would be different, but I don't so it isn't.