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i disagree.. for the following reasons:

1) bmw has already been very vocal about its intent to incorporate weight saving design elements such as carbon fiber roofing, carbon fiber design elements, as well as plastic paneling into its production series cars. bmw's first foray into carbon fiber roofing was the limited edition CSL itself. since then bmw has increasingly incorporated these weight saving elements into other full production cars such as the m6 (with its carbon fiber roof, and plastic paneling), and the e9x's with their plastic based fenders. given bmw's recent track record, and their vocal stance on incorporating these technologies into full blown production cars, it seems very plausible, if not likely, that bmw would incorporate these elements into the new m3, one of bmw's highest profile cars, for which they have a reputation of incorporating state of the art technologies.

2) the incorporation of the design elements and technologies you see on the e46 m3 CSL weren't completed nor envisioned til quite some time after the official release of the e46 m3... here though we're seeing them not only on the CONCEPT release at geneva, but also on road MULES. bmw's history strongly suggest that they would not incorporate these technologies for testing for a LIMITED production car such as the prospecitve e92 m3 CSL, especialllllly so early in the e92's life cycle. it seems to me, that we see these design elements so prevalently incorporated into the mule design because bmw intends to incorporate those elements into its regular production cars, and not just a limited production CSL.

2a) to elaborate on the above point, the e46 M3 CSL wasn't sold in america for various reasons, many of which had to do with the difficulty and expense of conforming to US laws pertaining to crash safety and emissions. But already we're seeing test mules in california's ventura county and elsewhere in the USA. if the design elements and technologies we see on these mules really were intended only for the CSL, which in all likelihood will not be released in the USA (especially any time soon), then we wouldn't be seeing those design elements incorporated into USA test mules. it would just be a waste of bmw's time and resources.

3) the m5 concept car was almost a spot-on replica of their production m5. with the advances in car design technology, and the resultant shortening of the 'inception to production' timeline, it seems just as likely that this concept m3 will be almost as spot on as the concept m5.

at least, that's my two cents.

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