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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
I hate the words "Rice" and "Ricer" more than anything on these forums. They used to mean something but now they mean nothing. If a car these days has some humps and vents its called rice on the forums? Thats BS... If you asked two seperate people what "Rice" meant you would get two seperate answers.

I was hovering on boards when the import scene took off and I remember what "Rice" used to mean. Nothing from the factory was ever called rice since that went against the whole original meaning of the word. Rice, originally, was used as a descripter for asian cars. So a car wasnt rice just because it looked like an asain car. In the beginning it was attributed to something like a GTR badge on an Acura. Or a spyder badge on a Mitsu GTX coupe. You know, stuff that made no sense and was stupid. And this gorgeous car from BMW comes nowhere close to being F###ING rice!!!!!!!

Amen. I hate the term.