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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
IT WAS off center. You should have posted the picture above all along, which still is slightly off center by the way (see the mirror), but barely. You can tell how much brighter is the outer right ring on the photo above compared to the initial one.
Sorry, but I'm not seeing this at all - both outer rings are much brighter than in the original pic, because of the different exposure.

But to my eye the relative difference in brightness of the outer rings (AIB vs. LUX) is exactly the same as in the original pic. To be more clear, to my eye the AIB's outer ring is significantly more illuminated than the LUX - just as in the original pic.

I am stock, and most likely will never buy either of these. But it seems some forum members here were heavily trying to paint EAS in a negative light. As it turns out, over nothing.

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