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The problem with this forum is some of the vendors have become like sharks, dying for your business. It's happening here and it's happening big time with the ECU tunes and S/C kit threads. Some people are having trouble admitting there can be more than one good/quality choice for a number of different mods. It has lead to countless arguments between vendors and their fanboys (or whoever got special pricing) to promote their product as the only viable solution. Everybody has different criteria in what they are looking to accomplish with their particular mod.... To say that one product is bad because it doesn't meet your specific criteria is ridiculous. Unless a specific product is causing damage to members cars there is nothing wrong with it.

Some people love the extremely bright HID's, for me they are too bright, some people love OSS, I don't like the look of OSS and prefer the look you get with the fiber optics. All options have proven to work, and all fit different peoples tastes.