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Cool APP Europe unveils Stoptech BMW M3 Trackday Edition

APP Europe has unveiled its Stoptech BMW M3 Trackday Edition, featuring both performance and cosmetic upgrades. Power is bumped up 30hp and 40Nm torque and achieved by Collaction AG. The 6-piston/4-piston STR Stoptech brakes increase stopping power while lightening the M3 by over 8kg. Lightweight wheels further lighten the car by 6kg, and the handling is further improved with KW clubsport suspension. The Akrapovic titanium evolution exhaust system gives provides a meaner soundtrack while saving 23kg over the stock exhaust system.

As for cosmetics, the change is subtle with a titanium silver foil with metallic effect.

No pricing yet.

APP Press Release:

Athlete, the Stoptech BMW M3 - the Trackday edition!

APP Europe brings the optics of the M-Boliden with performance on the road. With a specialsporty tuning program gives APP particularly exciting optics to the current BMW E92 M3.

The sales of the German Stoptech high speed brake equipment offers a firstclass performance vehicle for the ambitious trackday pilot.

The goal: Weight savings, driving dynamics, engine performance and stable brakes! However the Stoptech STR highpower brake saves per axle of the M3 over 8 kg: The Stoptech STR brake equipment is manufactured from forged aluminum, which is front axle provided with anodized 6-piston saddles with two-piece 380x35mm disks - the rear axle with 4-piston and 355x32 disks. (A pointed delay value of -13,4 m/s is reached!!!)

Really many one-piece and multipart wheel designs can be choosen with APP. Here however the light variant of ATS "Racelight" in 19 inch with Michelin pilot sport 2 high speed tires was selected. This rim combination saves for each wheel in relation to the series 1.5 kg, and this becomes substantially apparent in the driving dynamics.

The chassis can be easily called very sporty now. That makes a KW club-sport chassis possible.

In addition you get an Akrapovic titanium evolution system, atitanium exhaust system with sport metal catalysts, which are 23 kg easier than the series.

By the Swiss Stoptech partner, the Collaction AG in Widnau, the power of the M3 V8 was raised by 30 HP to 450 HP. The torque rises around 40 Nm, which also fits much earlier. That makes the power development of the high speed engine clearly more harmonious and increases the fun factor on the racing course!

From the foil specialist and APP partner for many years, CFC (Car film Components), the car with a sensational new foil was pasted. A titanium silver/weak with Metallic effect, that is the optical high point of a project car all around succeeded!

Now the power ratings are clearly in the range of excellent sports cars. The relatively inconspicuous getting ahead prestige will lead with certainty to some consternationof various owners of sports car.

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