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• Concept study BMW M GmbH for BMW a M3, Dimensions and basic form BMW of the 3er Coupé as starting point, exclusive new development of almost all body equipment, formal self-sufficiency and maximum sporty Potenzial as targets.
• Heart of this concept study is a V8-Motor, which, completely M3 typically, M high speed concept is committed to which.
• Authentic front Design of a high speed sports car, functionally caused organization of front apron and hood, strong power cathedrals and largely dimensioned air ports as signals for superior driving power, M typically: Renouncement of fog headlights makes particularly wide air supply possible for the engine compartment, aligned front apron symbolizes forward urge far forward.
• Strong issued wheel housings, M typical kiemenförmige openings in the front side panels in aufwändig three-dimensional execution as well as chrome clips with integrated turn signals. M specific Seitenschweller as tension-rich accent in the side view, optical stress of the rear-wheel drive and the broad trace, 19 tariff light alloy wheels in the characteristic Y-spoke-Design, arranged outside mirrors with aerodynamically optimized shaping exclusive.
• The sovereignty of the appearance, M typical double final pipes underline tail Design with horizontal running lines for the stress of the broad trace, pronounced wheel orientation as symbol for the strong conditions, tail diffuser with Design elements of the front apron, balanced proportions to the middle of vehicle arranged.
• Intelligent lightweight construction with direct effects on the Agilität and dynamics of the vehicle, aluminum hood. Plastic side panels and CFK roof optimize weight distribution and position of the center of gravity, CFK view optics of the roof structure as additional Design element, stress of the flat silhouette and the High Tech character of the vehicle. The vision of the ultimative driving experience: BMW M3 Concept Car. Its name is symbol for singular efficiency on the racing course and in everyday life traffic. For two decades embodies BMW M3 the sporty core of the mark in his ursprünglichsten and most concise form. Its dominating role in the engine haven and the ultimative driving experience on the road are inseparably connected. The qualities, been based on those, BMW the M3 let this synthesis become world-wide an exception feature. Engineers BMW M GmbH continue this Erfolgsstory now with BMW the M3 Concept Car. The concept study, on that the 77. International automobile salon in Geneva (8. to 18. March 2007 is shown) for the first time the public, grants a view on it how a future BMW M3 on the road could present itself. The basic form for BMW M3 Concept Car is based on the new BMW 3er Coupé. To the few from the standard model transferred components belong to headlight and tail lamps directly as well as only body equipment the two doors and the trunk lids. Beyond that gives oneself in exclusively for concept studies that BMW M GmbH typical color chrome Shadow painted vehicle however already at first sight as independent and athletic vehicle to recognize, which places the technology lying to reason into the center. Independent body concept with emotional aesthetics. The tradition BMW M GmbH following, engineers have that BMW M3 Concept Car as fundamentally independent vehicle develops. How consistently they proceeded thereby, the body already shows. On the basis of the dimensions and the basic form of the Coupés that BMW 3er row were almost developed and arranged all body equipment completely again. Apart from the basic vehicle structure only the doors and the trunk lid come still from the standard model, all other components particularly for BMW M3 Concept Car were sketched. Thus the Exterieur its own, superior Kraft shows stressing aesthetics. Unmistakable recognition characteristics BMW of the M3 Concept Car are the special linings of front and tail, the hood with that power cathedrals and two air ports, the lateral louvers in the front side panels, the Seitenschweller as well as the outside mirrors in BMW M the typical Design. Front with additional air intakes, hood with power cathedrals. Faithfully the principle „follows function “the designers that have form BMW M GmbH with the organization of the body for the concept study of elements used, which do not only stress optically the increased sportyness, but also serve a technical purpose. At the front three large air intakes are remarkable underneath the radiator grille, over those the engine is supplied with additional sucking in and/or cooling air. Strengthens, senkrechte props limits the air intakes and strengthens the characteristic stylistic idiom. The hood manufactured from aluminum exhibits a wide Auswölbung, power cathedrals in such a way specified. It suggests the high Potenzial just like the air circulation openings platzierten beside it, of an engine under the hood BMW of a M3 to expect is. In the M3 Concept Car is inserted a V8-Hochdrehzahlmotor, like it also for the later series car to expect is. The outlines of power cathedrals and air intakes orient themselves at the sweep of the hood directed forward and insert themselves thus harmoniously into the organization of the entire, opposite BMW the 3er Coupé extended front. Together with BMW typical double kidney and the flat headlight units lend they BMW the M3 Concept Car a high-dynamic character. Wheel housings and Seitenschweller obtain Agilität and stability. The front wheel housings BMW of the M3 Concept Car strong modelled serve as symbol for highest Agilität and driving stability. They underline the stressed broad trace of the vehicle together with the forged 19 tariff light alloy wheels in the classical Y-spoke-Design. By those Spokes through rims the view of exclusively the Compound Hochleistungsbremsen developed for M of vehicles falls. The opening, of which designers Kieme calls, positioned behind the wheel housing on the front side panel, is particularly aufwändig three-dimensional formed out. It is interrupted by December ducks a chrome clip, which carries the side signal light as well as the M3 Logo. Two into one another stretched surfaces form the clearly issued Seitenschweller and produce a purposeful light shade contrast. It lets the side panel appear lower on the one hand and lends to the vehicle from this point of view an easier and sportier appearance. On the other hand the case of light practices a tensionful pressure on that likewise issued rear fender and the wheel out. From this an additional optical stress of the rear-wheel drive results. The organization of the Seitenschwellers corresponds to that with the form strongly minted body karosseriesicke. From the light and shade play of the parallel running outlines of Schweller and Sicke results a Straffheit, the independent character BMW of the M3 Concept Car lets which become effective still more strongly. For BMW M3 Concept Car was developed exclusive outside mirrors. Characteristic characteristic is the black dyed double foot, which reminds of the bearing areas of an airplane. Also in this detail remained engineers the guiding principle „form follows Function “faithfully. The outside mirrors underline by a horizontal light edge and those outward pointedly approaching form not only the sporty total seeming of the vehicle. By their in the wind tunnel they in addition the air resistance factor affect optimized form positively. Spreads trace, strong conditions - also the tail stresses the dynamics. The tail BMW of the M3 Concept Car takes up the Design of the vehicle front. To the rear the gently dropping collateral line and the fenders running out in a modelled fillet stress again the rear-wheel drive and visualize so the superior dynamics of the vehicle. A pronounced wheel orientation and strong conditions obtain the tail from each point of view. It works by his proportions sovereign and strengthens the calm and strong impression. One optically dezent spoiler lip held on the trunk lid, also Gurney mentioned, optimizes the air circulation at the tail and provides for additional reduction of the lift at the rear axle. In the outlines of the diffuser underneath the bumper, divided by out-modelled props, the form of the air intakes in the front becomes again taken up. The diffuser and far to the vehicle longitudinal axis double final pipes of the exhaust system positioned pull the tail together in the lower center optically and develop tension to the horizontal running lines of the bumper. In addition the final pipes are circular and straight cut off - typically for developments BMW M GmbH -. Exclusive roof with visible carbon fiber structure. With hardly a body equipment the progressive technology BMW of the M3 Concept Car comes as obviously to the expression as with the roof: It consists of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFK). With the manufacturing the specialists in BMW the work in land hat fell back to an exclusive production method. Thus the structure of the Formel-1-Werkstoffs remains visible - only one clear lacquer covers the finely structured fiber surface. As visible Hightech component the CFK roof coins/shapes the technically innovative feature BMW of the M3 Concept Car. In the side view it lets the roof pillar appear flatter and reduces so optically the height of the body. But apart from the exclusive optics the CFK roof has also a strong technical advantage: It is clearly easier than a steel roof. Thus the total weight of the vehicle is not only reduced. By the weight reduction at the highest part of the body becomes additional the emphasis noticeably lowered. Thus the weight reduction benefits here particularly effectively the Agilität and dynamics of the vehicle. The CFK roof is a perfect example of interlinking of technical innovation and independent Design strategy with the development BMW of the M3 Concept Car. Completely in styles of the three in front gone generations BMW of the M3 it represents the everyday life-suited interpretation of a high speed sports car. The concept study in each detail betrays the objective, which their developers pursued. BMW M3 Concept Car is a vision, which makes clear, where striving for the ultimative driving experience in the future to lead can.