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My detailed observations, thoughts, etc

OK overall I am pretty blown away.

Most of this we knew but some surprises too. Overall the car is a bit "busy": from the hood bulge, to the rear diffuser, rear wing and hood vents. I may even dare to suggest that the rear diffuser (esp. at the far left and right sides with those large indented areas and ribs) is a bit tuner/ricey. I'm sure it will grow on me, but now all of these design elements are not looking fully integrated. The side vents/LED indicators are BRILLIANT as is the color (what happened to all the talk about white - maybe that will be for the first round of print/video ads or for the first dealer cars). Personally I am very happy to see the license plate on the trunk not the bumper. It does seem that there are some CSL elements in the car as well: Pilot Cup tires, rims, alcantara steering wheel, carbon look interior trim, wheels, CF roof and maybe even the hood vents (this was being discussed over at germancarzone as well). However, the NAV is definitely not CSL. I sure would have liked to see the production version of he rims - the ones we have seen only in black thus far - as I still think those will be the production ones. A bit odd that it is being shown in 6MT as well. I sure hope we will be able to get SMG or DSG in the first allocations to the US. It just does not make sense based on the M5 launch. BMW said SMG only and SMG is the future, now we see MT in an even sportier track tool, the M3?? Sure they back-pedaled a bit for the US market on the M5 tranny but track junkies, technophiles and the most serious drivers all go for SMG. Last but not least I hope the CF roof gets on the base model as well as CSL AND remains unpainted.

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