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Thank you PencilGeek...the photos of the engine was a great help, to further my research.
The S65 ports seem to be very well developed in factory trim. BMW did an excellent job. I do see improvement though.
I was trying to figure out where the valvetronic system is situated within the head, until I did some search and found BMW stop the production of their valvetronic. Is there a reason for this perhaps?

Has Schrick ever given information on their 292 cams for the S65?

What is the dimensions of your exhaust manifold on you stroked motor PencilGeek?
I have designed a new exhaust header for the S65 engine thus far. It will be a 4-2-1 with megaphone(taped) collector, tri-y manifold. The 4-1 race manifold is still under design.

I will be asking Jenvey & Hayward performance to help me on the itb/intake section of the project.

The camshaft is a completely different ball game at this moment in time. This resulting in many hours of R&D. This is my hobby and therefor I will only be working on it when there is time.

I will only be able to confirm designs and results once the S65 is delivered into my hands for R&D.

Is BMW developing a newer valvtronic system? If anyone has input to offer please feel free to do so. Variable camshaft profile is the way of the future.

N/A response....irreplaceable performance

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