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Performance Exhaust Install Day!

Hey guys! So I finally got my BMW PE installed ! After I got it installed I was taking it for a spin home and stopped by a store to pick up a few things. While I was there I saw this BEAUTIFUL 645Ci that I had to have! I looked for an associate to help me but none was available since there was no price on the car I have no idea how much it costs. I eventually got found the price of the car and to my surprise HALF OFF! I had to get it! I ended up paying. In cash. I was so happy to have my BMW PE installed and picked up a 645Ci on the same day! I will have videos of my PE later but for new 645Ci!

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LOL! 12 BUCKS! At Toys R Us! Last one at the store too! Enough jokes ACTUAL exhaust on my e90 will be up within 48 hours! Until then...I hope some of you got a good laugh out of it...and some of you will bash me .
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