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I will receive the motor within 1-2 months ...then I'm going too do some intensive R&D with my knowledge and the help of my friends from various motorsport enterprises. My goal is to reach the 450rwhp mark N/A. This is to help the S65 fanatics to reach dream potential. I'm not saying this is what my final result would be...but this is what I'm aiming for.

We never thought in the atlantic formula series that the 4age Toyota motor would make 250bhp...but yet we broke the "laws of physics" , and that is my plan for the S65 engine.

My plans are to keep the S65 to stock bottom end as possible. As we all know, power is all in the head.

PencilGeek it looks like you are the BMW guru from what I've read, and you have reason to be no doubt. I'll keep you posted

N/A response....irreplaceable performance