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Originally Posted by ghosthi32 View Post
and the big 12 is about to implode today
Yeah I can't believe what's happened there.... It boggles my mind, really. It's not like CUSA broke up and split for bigger conferences; this is the Big 12 we're talking about....

Originally Posted by bosstones View Post
As a long time UMich fan, this made my day. So much so that it alleviates the pains of the current Michigan football program.
Well maybe a bit, but:
1) USC didn't cheat and still suck
2) They did away with the cancers in their program (ours are still standing tall). In fact, we scapegoated people who just did what they were told and let the biggest offenders stay.
3) They won't take long to recover, if this even hits them hard at all

Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
I saw Pete do a web cam thing on the verdict. IMO he sounded like a used car salesman who got caught selling a lemon.
Yeah essentially, that's what a college coach is these days.... You have to sell the school. And with the "norm" being straight up violation of rules, it's not about staying clean as possible, it's about not getting caught.