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Thank you PencilGeek. I do believe that having a factory bottom end is the most reliable source for making power. I don't think I'll ever stroked a motor, even though the M3 GTS is factory stroked to 4.4

TrackRat well said. I plan on going custom camshaft with most effective duration and lift that the S65 engine can handle and ect...mods.

I can not equate BMW with Honda.
That being said , Honda k20a engine produces approximately 120-140 whp per liter with porting, cams , exhaust, intake on stock internals ( I understand that this is a fwd engine). The rwd f22c engine from the infamous s2000 has similar results with cams , exhaust ,intake and porting.


S2000 whp without porting, just cams intake and exhaust:

Here are some links to how much flow they could get out of an f22c head

And the flywheel dyno results with similar mods:

Head flow aids supporting might seem like 2-5whp with no mods. As soon as you add bolt on you find you have a beast in you hands.

K20a from DC5:

I see similar results for the S65 engine...we just have to find the correct "code" to crack true potential of this beast..

Thank you for the replies.

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