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arty0030 :

As a Buckeye fan this is just great. Everyone knew it was going on anyway. Man they got slammed though. Before people start talking about OSU losing two championship games they shouldn't have been in etc.. please keep in mind is was the USC faithful who were demanding OSU relinquish it's national championship title from the allegations Maurice Claret made about the Buckeyes athletic program. It was also USC who went back in history and reviewed the AP polls then awarded themselves two more national championships.

All major programs are corrupt at some level or another. We all know it. Just keep your damn mouth shut about it and we can all be entertained, the universities can rake in millions, and a few players will walk into multi-million dollar contracts solidifying financial security for generations to come (if they are smart about it).

It's USC's shocking arrogance allowing things as transparent as Snopp d - oh - double G throwing your starting quarterback a birthday party that just makes this so much sweeter.

It is actually kinda sad, because of this many legit players, coaches, staff, etc... who took no part in this nor saw any benefit from it will have their efforts officially erased by the actions of a few. I guess that's the real tragedy here.

They didn't just lose two BCS championships they shouldn't have been in, they got dominated in two BCS championships they shouldn't have been in.

I'm sure if the tables were turned and it was Ohio State who got caught with all this dirty laundry, it wouldn't even make the news...outside of Ohio at least.

USC are the ones who got caught, so they will pay, someday, but I still think they'll start a long drawn out appeals process that won't see the sanctions take effect for a few years.