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What is the head flow of the S65 engine?

I have just ordered a BMW s65 engine for my N/A project. There are just a few things i would like to know: too understand the real potential of this engine:

I would like to know how well the head can flow air into the chamber. Has anyone ever Flowbench the S65 cylinder head? What was the flow rate of the intake and exhaust ports independently?

Second of all I would like to know the S65 cylinder head stock valve angle(s) and size. Are there aftermarket oversize valves and larger individual throttle bodies available for the S65 engine?

What is the individual throttle body dimensions? (in diameter)

How well does the stock exhaust and intake manifold flow? What is the flow rates?

What other machine shops do port and polish? If possible to show me the flow graph before and after porting.

I have just moved on to the BMW Motorsport scene, which i have originally come from a Honda background and I understand the "method in madness" in going the N/A route . Spend loads of cash for minimal gains.

thank you Kyle

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