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Originally Posted by bolinp78 View Post
I know plenty about baseball and about pitchers. I may not know as much as you because you have experience, but I've at least added a few tidbits to the conversation.

When you come off as brazenly offensive as you did, you have to expect to get chewed on. You basically told us that it was your opinion that he wasn't going to make it, and then you told us that you have to wait and see what happens with the guy before hyping and saying what a good player he is. So, as I mentioned before, to you it's only your opinion that matters (presumably because you believe that you have 100% of the collective experience here)
i really wish i could sit down and talk to you guys in person about my past and explain in detail why i have these opinions, you would understand where i am coming from and realize im not just as ass that is hating, im not that type of guy but it doesnt matter, you wont believe me

and just remember there are 1000's of hall of famers in the world that arent because of not being seen, wrong place, or injury etc...