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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
your not reading my posts i guess, there are plenty of guys that have had his type stuff but couldnt deliver it in the game and get it across the plate, so the coaches changed there mechanics to drop them down and throw strikes, zumaya for example...every pro pitcher that touches mid to upper 90's could throw 100, but it wouldnt be a strike and make them successful and get W' not saying the kid doesnt have a chance to be great, im saying i hold my judgement of any rookie pitcher until he has settled in the bigs and gave the hitters a chance to dial him up, if he still is a tough guy to hit 4 years from now, then i will say he is a great player

edit; just saw your edit, and its MY opinion he wont be the "truth", i think he will fade out to be a decent pitcher, but my opinion doesnt mean he wont be good
To the contrary, it appears that I understand what you are posting better than you do.