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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
are you a fucking retard? all you have to contribute is try to pwn me? because you wont in this subject...every year ESPN blows players out of proportion and then when they fall on their face they talk about how much of a disappointment they are compared to what they thought, it gets ratings end of story...lets see what his situation is after 2 seasons before you judge the kid, its like saying the day honda cars came to the US that they would be the most reliable cars in 20 years before actually letting the test of time come into play
I don't think that there's anything wrong (especially in this day and age) of letting certain things fall out of perspective. I understand that there are plenty of promising prospects that never pan out in the long-run.

This guy has great stuff at any speed, including his fastball, and pitchers like that don't come around very often. We all understand that pitching in division 1 college is much different than pitching in the pros. That's a given. But there's nothing wrong with hyping a guy. Just because you once hyped yourself in your own mind and that didn't pan out doesn't mean that it's wrong for others to be hyped before they step on the mound.

The bottom line is you told us that we should wait to see what happens with the guy before thinking he is a pitching god, and then later you hypocritically told everyone that he's not as good as everyone thinks. So your premature opinion matters, but no one elses' does? Cart before the horse. You aren't exactly the clearest, most consistent person on these boards, to put it mildly.