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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
in that last post it had nothing to do with the tickets, i was saying i wasnt impressed he did good against the pirates, how hard is it to sell out a crowd that has never had anything to look forward? my statements arent ludacris and if you knew anything about pitching and what it takes to be a career hall of fame pitcher or the "truth" you would understand what im saying, anyone can do good when you have the world behind you cheering, lets see what he does when he pitches in wrigley or yankee stadium...just because i didnt make it doesnt mean i dont know what it takes to be a curt schilling, or john smoltz, greg maddox,roy halliday, roger clemens who were gaurenteed to give you a chance to win every game 90% of the time(thats just a guess percentage)

Originally Posted by Schm
I think he's pretty good, we'll see throughout the season how he pans out.

But to sell out a NATIONALS game- that's pretty damn impressive!
Originally posted by CollinsE90
no its not, they havent had a single thing positive so far but him, they have been a terrible team since they started...but they are making great strides with the harper kid and stephen to try to boost the team, hopefully they become a contended for october in a few years