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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
no its not impressive, lets see him pitch against some better teams and give them time to watch film and get used to his style and THEN we will see if he is a good pitcher, not against the horrible pirates
You really aren't too good at covering all of your bases, are you? (no pun). You originally said that you did not think that it was impressive that he sold out the Nationals ballpark. Now you are arguing that it's not impressive because he was playing the Pirates. I suggest you either remember what you were talking about previously or go back and read your posts before responding.

As a side note (albeit more on topic), I think that your statements about his ability are ludicrous. Just because you have allegedly pitched at a high level before and you are on an internet forum in which no one knows your identity you can slam him and then come back and say "oh well it's not like I'm calling him a bad pitcher". Sounds like you are just trying to further your own agenda to me, which is letting everyone know how much of a badass you once were. You are doing this by putting someone else down that is superior while at the same time making everyone aware that you are experienced on the subject. It's called the e-peen syndrome iirc.

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