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Euro Autowërx | E46 M3 Build

Hello Members,

I wanted to share my E46 M build. I have been an ///M fan forever which ultimately led my passion to begin Euro Autowërx approx 4 years ago. My M3 was purchased from a local M enthusiast in 2003. The seller was in a hurry and wanted to sell his car QUICK! I wondered why he was such in a hurry, however the price we paid for the car we did not ask any questions and purchased immediately. After owning the car for about 3 months I started to search the forums and found the car I just bought! Also came across some sad news that the ex owner passed away only 2 months of our purchase.

I had to find out if this was true - so I called his house and to my suprise his wife indicated that Dennis had passed away with cancer... Now I knew why he wanted to sell his car so quick. Anyways, we later found out that Dennis was an absolute M3 maniac! His posts were all over the internet talking about his car ( his handle Mr. Grinch on almost every BMW forum ).

I wanted to dedicate this build and project to Dennis, the car is mint and only driven on nice days - never seen snow or rain.... Now that some background is covered on the history etc. I would like to talk about the build.

I have always had a soft spot for the CSL M3, some of you may not know that I had purchased an authentic one out of the U.K. however sold it to a car collector before I had time to enjoy it. Basically the car did not leave U.K. soil. Now I knew I had to make my North American Spec M3 atleast look like the legendary CSL

Nice and stock!

End Result!

Lets begin by introducing you the beginning of my project

Parts Coming in...

Test fitting CSL Bumper

Wheels arriving... DPE/Vorsteiner V-200

All painted Alpine white...


The interesting part.....

" I had a voice stuck in my mind always repeating CSL ME! one day before heading out I noticed my car had this written all over !

So easy a kid can do a roof CSL conversion, drilling out the spot welds.

The entire interior was gutted to make room for us.

Final product after clear coating.. OEM CSL side rails were ordered.

Gruppe M Titanium Exhaust weights only 11 pounds!

Here ya go. finish... well sort of.

Best BMW @ Euro Quake! Das AutoHaus put on a great show

Mod Bug bite hard here... However it was worth every penny

I hope you enjoyed the pics, I know they are amateur There are many more pictures with updated mods - will post up later this week.

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