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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
T-bone, my point is on the track you can easily downshift the SMG twice from a high speed straight to a tight corner. However I'm pretty sure the current SMG can do 2 gear down shifts by quickly hitting the downshift paddle twice. I've only driven a SMG on the track at Watkins Glen which is a 3rd and 4th gear track. 2nd and 5th gear aren't used, at least in my dad's stock 2002 SMG M3. 140mph on the backstretch though, how much fun is that?
Swamp, I can see the need for downshifting on the highway for a quick getaway, however I was talking about track use where you're either full throttle or full brake for 90% of the laps.
Enigma - your description is exactly what I was talking about.

I think we are almost splitting hairs but hey this is fun.....

This thread diverged when we started comparing DSG vs. SMG. I used to have an E46 M3 with SMG and now I have a M6 with SMG. I do know the SMG can skip gears and whereas this appears to be a limitation for DSG today.

There is at least one track that I have driven where I need to go from 5th to 3rd and I like to have my car settled before turn-in. SMG allows you to skip to your gear of choice quicker.

While very few people track their cars, I do but skipping gears is even more practical for the street. Hobbling around in 7th gear is not good for acceleration.

If you want to shoot the holes in traffic, you need to get from 7th to 3rd or 4th very quickly.

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