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Originally Posted by Comet View Post
I upgraded my HDD around the same time I picked all this stuff up
I have 8 gigs of ram amd I do play at 1920x1200

as a former WoW player, I'll assume you are familiar with Dalaran Lag.
I get around 35-40 FPS in Dal. Marrowgar brings down my frame rate so low that it skips
everywhere else, I have 60fps though
yes I am familiar with that. 35-40 was fine with me though.

Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
Your computer is fine. Moving from a dual core to a quad core CPU won't give you the gains that you expect. Dual cores were almost better than quad cores a while ago just for gaming since not many games can utilize the full benefit of a quad core setup.

Quad core is more for doing rendering work and long compilations where the work can easily be distributed. While the latest quad cores (nihilum) may put your dual core to shame, upgrading to one of these would be significant as you would have to replace your mobo. And again, you wouldn't see the gains that you expect. The E8400 was a pretty sturdy chip if memory serves, and great for overclocking.

If I were you, I'd wait and save up. Then upgrade in about a year from now when the 6cores come out. Spend like $1500 on a full system upgrade. And then enjoy it for another 4-5 years.
Yeah dual cores were much better due to their generally faster OEM clocks, along with their more friendly response to overclocking. The E8400 E0 stepping is quite a trooper, and most can get it to 4.0 on air, easily and stable, provided your motherboard and RAM cooperate. It's not until very recently that quad cores have shown worthwhile advantages in games, and it's only a few titles IIRC.

With how far ahead hardware is right now (vs software, especially gaming), you can acutally afford to wait for prices to come out, and the "next generation" of tech to come out, and nab up the "old" stuff. The bleeding edge hardware will only serve you any good if you're a bencher, hardcore F@H, or rendering and stuff like that.

Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
For when you do decide to move into a LGA1366 mobo, there is nother wrong with Asus. I prefer them.
Yeah I've heard some good things about ASUS, but generally people seem to be polarized on the high end mobo issue. Many love them, some absolutely can't stand them. In the end, if you're not overclocking, I'd go with the GB Ultra Durable (UD) series (which have even proven themselves in the OC department as well), but it's up to you. EVGA is another with ubelievable customer service and a great warranty, as is XFX.