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you know he kills little girls like you
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I've already expressed my sentiments on this, but I'll do it once more, this time in a somewhat calmer manner. What follows is my opinion on the subject, and as such, should be treated with the appropriate amount of skepticism.

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but isn't that what the off topic board is for

To a certain degree yes. OT should be fun, of that there is no question in my mind. A certain degree of trolling makes things fun. Seeing someone get owned is funny. Good natured insults between friends I have no problem with. I'm fine with profanity and NSFW material with the exception of porn.

However, the line has to be drawn somewhere or else OT goes to shit. This isn't 4chan, and it certainly isn't that certain subforum that rules 1&2 refer to. This forum shouldn't have every thread derailed for no good reason. Not every post has to be - or should be - an insult or a troll. However, I'm not a moderator, so my opinion doesn't really count. Which leads me to my next subject.

You may remember that a while back, in the not too distant past, the moderators were handing out bans and infractions as if they were candy. People complained and thankfully the moderating policies toward OT were subsequently relaxed. OT was better for it for a while. However, there should, imo, be certain limits imposed unless you want this subforum to turn into steaming pile.

JayKay insulted the hell out diokaef in a thread that he created bemoaning the $10k in damage that was done to his car by a local garage installing parts. JayKay consistently insulted him for his [perceived] lack of spine, his lack of a grasp on the english language, and his intelligence IIRC. mpimping's latest poll was titled "if you could suck your own dick would you?", and as I'm sure you're already aware was just the latest installment in a long line of garbage posts/threads that could be construed by some as trolling.

For the record, I didn't complain to the mods about either, although I won't hide my dislike for either of those two. mpimping also jumped on the JayKay bandwagon and started insulting people. I don't know what the straw that broke their respective camel's back's was, but they both went too far in my estimation, and they both got banned.

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on a more serious note, that seriously does blow...
I personally think the contrary is true. I also know I'm not alone.