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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Thanks J08M3. Someone else understands and has personally observed my point.

Tom: Whether or not you intended any bias is one question. However, I think it is quite fair to say you photo does show an unfair bias. Both color and ring illumination UNIFORMITY are tough to photograph accurately. Since you still have this car take two additional pictures, one dead on in front of AiB, one dead on in front of LUX. That should settle the matter. The difference show in your single shot should, more or less disappear.
Originally Posted by AMPowerJ View Post
I have no problem taking these different types on pics of my AiB's to show the difference. I will try to take some tonight.
Since we're on the subject of pics from slight angles, I could probably do the same.... There are plenty of angles where an AiB doesn't look evenly lit. In fact from perfect straight on, it doesn't look anymore even than when I used camaross305's "elite" kit - the one that put full power to a regular H8 bulb...

Here's some pics I posted awhile back:
This first one shows just a regular GP Thunder H8 bulb, no special wiring kits, from straight on it looks evenly lit

Here's one using the camaross305 "elite" kit which supplied full power to GP Thunder H8s at all times, notice how one looks perfectly lit that the camera is in front of and the other (exact same setup) looks like it's not even lit as the camera is off to the side.