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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I've noticed this effect shown in your picture. I've seen it with an all OEM system, with the GP Thunder set up and with the camaross+GP Thunders. The rings themselves are simply high sensitive to a narrow cone shaped viewing angle. Out side of that angle the rings can appear almost unlit. This characteristic is the same regardless of how much light is being pumped into the rings and regardless of the relative light balance between the rings. Although this leads to pictures like the one you have shown, I think it is more or less by design and intent. Just like you don't want a headlight pointing to the sky and blinding someone, you also don't want an angel eye pumping out a lot of brightness to the side, perhaps "brighting" a car you are overtaking.

Specifically can you tell us if the AIB system is immune from this? If it is not, which I suspect it isn't, this means the photo is not a fair comparison at all, showing the best of AIB and the worst for LUX. Move the eyes or camera a bit to one side or the other and the image might be entirely "reversed".

exactly what I was going to say before I got far enough to read your post. It isn't a fair shot, you are slightly off center and more in front of the AIB. This always makes the light you are in front of look slightly better and more evenly lit. You can easily take the slightest angle off of an AiB light and the outer ring doesn't look lit either. No offense to AiB, I have them currently and am happy with them.