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Yeah I don't think there is any voting at all for COTM. You can nominate to bring attention to a thread. The owners make the final decision.

Here is a checklist of my observations of the owners' subjective tastes:

Member Check:
  • Has this member won COTM previously?
    • If so, same vehicle?
      • If so, significant transformation?
  • Do I dislike this member for any reason?
  • Has this member rubbed me in the wrong way?
Wheel Check:
  • Are the wheels authentic?
    • If not authentic, has the particular wheel design been diluted or is it still fresh?
    • Is it an "acceptable" replica?
      • CSL reps are fine, most OEM inspired reps are fine
      • LM reps are not fine
      • HRE reps = HRE ; virtually no visible difference for the monoblock
  • Are the wheels tasteful?
    • Tacky?
    • Overdone?
Overall Mod Check:
  • Do the mods have a consistent flow?
    • Consistent Theme? (all OEM?) (JDM inspired?)
    • Unique mods?
    • Overcooked?
      • not to be confused with innovation
  • Are the mods too familiar with a previous COTM?
    • If too familiar, has a reasonable time elapsed?
    • Is the mod still current?
Photography Check:
  • Will this car look good on the front page?
  • Is the car consistent with the e90post vision?

That aside, I noticed LMs and LM-Rs will never get old. Most of the COTM winners boil down to:
  • Complete OEM mods, from the wheels to the splitters.
  • High-end JDM wheels + complete modded package.

Some sections will be weighted differently. When the e92 M3 first came out, I'd imagine the photography and presentation probably held a higher factor since mods weren't as practical at such an early stage.

OP's car probably fell under the "too familiar category." OP's car probably would have been COTM in 2009.

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