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Originally Posted by selman View Post
First of all I want to clarify that IHH-Insani Yardim Vakfi (in english, Humanitarian Relief Foundation) is not a charity association financed by terrorists groups. So could you tell me would any terrorist group need a ship or this kind of campaign to attack Israel even there would be a possibility of getting arrested ? There would be so many different alternative ways and also less risky ones for sure. If one person is a conservative religious man that doesn't mean he is radical or terrorist. Moreover, IHH is working not only in middle east, africa or asia but also in south america, balkans, europe, etc... They send humanitarian aid to people who has been suffering from poverty or aggrieved by wars which is same like in Gaza. I do not know where did you get those information you've stated, maybe it is a smear campaign set up against IHH at public.

Additionally, it is announced ships were checked (even passenger names) by authorized international institution that this ship is carrying only humanitarian aid stuff.

Anyway, ships were coming to Gaza shores not to Israel. Also, it is permitted to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza according to U.N's decisions before and Israel's blockage against Gaza is not acceptable. These are not my words.

Look in the mid 90's and you will see the IHH was classified as a terrorist organization the the Turks. They smuggled weapons. On the outside terrorist organizations always attempt to show they are doing good in order to make a smoke screen for their real goals. Regarding the blockade. Israel has every right to check what goes into gaza. I mean Gaza does not have the best reputation right??? Tunnels made from Egypt to Gaza funneling weapons used against the Israelis. So forgive the Israelis when they wanted to make sure nothing was aboard. To be perfectly honest my father and I both spoke about this and both of us said nothing will aboard that ship. Its to obvious. However they could have also docked in Egypt and then given the aid to Gaza. But no....if they go through Israel and Israel does not allow it then it makes the Israelis look like animals. Very well calculated. Furthermore since when are Turks so concerned about Palestinians anyway. It is my understanding that Turks arent to fond of arabs anyway and the only thing an arab is good for is being ruled by a Turk. At least thats what my turkish aquaintances say.