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Dude, I hate to say this, and please understand I'm in no way backing the assholes on here, but if you're that sensitive about anonymous posters on an internet forum, you should probably stay off of them. Either that, or grow some thick skin. These forums give people, especially over self-entitled spoiled punk kids, a chance to anonymously take shots at whomever they please. It's sort of a validation of self, and they don't have to worry about the school bully beating them up, or the guy from the office who actually goes to the gym beating them up, or their parents screaming at them.... It could be anything, but internet forums have turned into a very common way for people to "displace humiliation".

Most of these people would be afraid to say this shit if you were face-to-face with them, because they know there would be consequences. But, in this environment, you get a few points and warnings, and maybe a temp ban, that's it.... And while you're temp banned, you can go start shit at your other favorite forum because of course these people have no lives....

Cliff notes: It sucks dude, but welcome to the internetz and especially the online BMW community.