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Originally Posted by EtSp View Post
Valentino Rossi took home a Z4M Coupe today for being the quickest rider in the test sessions for this year's MotoGP. On a podium next to the Z4M stood the prize for the 07 season, which will be awarded in July. None other than the new M3, for obvious reasons covered. The front air dam looks very similar if not identical to the one schemed by Alpine; it was semi-visible due to the cover fitting a little small on the car! Does this mean Europe will see the beast this Summer, if not fall at the latest?

P.S. If anyone can find a pic...
Who says its an M3? And it actually occurred last week. And I've not seen/heard any mention of "another" M car award. There would normally be one at end-of-season, but not til Nov 2007.

Doesn't look like an M3 wheel anyway (front drivers)...