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Originally Posted by Duhst View Post
Completely agree with everything you said. Its sad to look at some of these post that the 'newer' members make and they just ragged on about stupid little these. I understand the whole 'search' smiley and it really is their own fault that they dont try things before they ask but do 10 other member have to drag him/her down about search!? i dunno its something ill never understand i guess.. if i could, i would help everyone with anything if thats what THEY wanted to do to THEIR own car! but its almost a waste of breath to even say anything because some people will keep do the same shit they always do.

+1. Almost every question that can be asked about our cars has probably already been asked at least once....probably several times. We all have probably at one time asked a question that has already been discussed before. So, I wished people would chill out a bit when a new member (or existing member) asks a question that is new to him, but not to you. Answer the question IF you want, if not , move the heck on....

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