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Fuck OT.
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Saferisk, your name is an oxymoron

But I do applaud you for this (wrong forum, but this way most people can see it). I read all of your post and also saw what the other person said in the DIY thread. It is quite discouraging to see what some people say to one another on here; we are all here for one reason or another, but I can safely assume that it involves BMW. Fanboyism, flaming, and car manufacture-bashing are just a few of the things I see every day. I always try and remain as neutral and view as many sides as possible before I post anything; anyone who knows me and has seen what I write can confirm this. I love the camaraderie amongst the CA guys, the FL guys.. I don't know too many people in my area in MD but am looking forward to meeting lots of others, hopefully even from this board. E90post is a landfill of knowledge and awesome cars and cool owners who are willing to share their secrets and tidbits with one another. It is always upsetting to see those disregard others. Just my $0.02, but OP has a point.
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This just in: @[Verbiage](contact:82449) is confirmed to be the most savage person on this site. Can't go into details but I will say, he is one smooth SOB. Haha