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Unhappy Why can't we just get along and support eachother?

I've just realised I've posted this in the wrong forum. Moderators, please move to General Forums

Obviously, a somewhat redundant question of which I know I will get flamed, hated....etc etc

But sometimes it just makes me wonder, I mean it really hit home for myself after reading another member's thread and getting pretty excited that another was attempting a similar endeavour as myself but actually had the technical skill to DIY most of it. I was applauding his efforts but was rather put off when I saw another post from a member referring to me as a "retard"

Its disappointing and by no means a reflection of the better majority of members on this board, but I'd really hate for it to put off other newer members from posting about their rides no matter how great or little.

I think sometimes people lose sight of what this community really is about.

Its fantastic that gatherings such as bimmerfest can bring like minded individuals together who share a passion for this brand and are not afraid to do and try new things.

Each and every owner has the right to be proud of their car and they do not deserve to be put down or mocked.

Of course, we're all entitled to an opinion but it'd be better to think of a positive way to type it before fingers to keyboard.

Anyways, I'm sure most wont really bother to read all of what I just typed but its one member's thoughts.
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