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Originally Posted by m33 View Post
Every car well most that IND built should have got it as well as you Bob !!
Shit even though I don't have brake upgrades I should have got some love .....
You had my vote buddy
Originally Posted by m33 View Post
Lets protest !!!
Originally Posted by AMPowerJ View Post
I am surprised Bob that no one has commented on the REAL reason you didn't win COTM ... it's the elephant in the room everyone wants to ignore ... it is obviously discrimination due toward your sexual preference to farm animals. There I said it ... everyone can breathe now.
Dammit I knew it!! Maybe I must publicly apologize for diddling with goats vagines?
Should I?
Originally Posted by noxredna View Post
haha I can't believe this thread is actually going on...

Who cares... just mod for yourself; don't get too caught up with this whole "forum reputation" thing.

Your car is indeed very nicely modded and you've dropped easily $40k into it. I applaud as well as envy you!!
I think this thread is hilarious!! May iy go for at least 10 pages, as people should speak their minds and have some fun at the same time
Originally Posted by xpock182 View Post
It seems to me that COTM just might be a Photography Contest: D Just my 2 Cents
I believe it is. I should go and pose with my car at the zoo, and get some wife angled shots, with some photo shop techniques, that will do it no???